Welcome to Women

We are an organisation that advocates for the rights of women and facilitates equal opportunities for women as it exists for their male counterparts.

From time immemorial, women have been at a disadvantage both socially and economically. Due to them being considered as inferior to the men, they were relegated to the background and considered to be only good for the kitchen. Over time, movements such as women suffrage and feminism have changed the perception of women in our society and made them more relevant.

However, women continue to face struggles that are unique to them. One of the places where that is evident is in society and the workplace. The idea of women becoming leaders in politics and work is something that many people remain uncomfortable with due to established prejudices. This has led to different barriers preventing women from reaching their potential. For every woman that shatters the glass ceilings and reaches her potential, there are many others who are kept down for no other reason than because of their gender.

Women in Leadership

Compared to many counties, Australia ranks high in gender equality. But all the progress made regarding this falls short when we look at the representation of women in leadership positions all over the country. Whether we are talking about executive positions or elective offices, the bias against women occupying decision making positions remains very strong.

Future of Work

Technological advances will benefit the future of work as it stands to remove all the barriers that prevent the increased participation of women in the workplace. It will most likely lead to more flexible arrangements as well.

Workplace gender equality

It can be said that workplace gender equality is achieved when people, regardless of gender, can access the same opportunities, resources, and rewards.

Gender pay gap

One of the areas where inequality between gender still exists strongly in our society is in wages. While progress has been made in reducing the gender inequalities in areas such as education, workforce participation, and health, the pay gap remains an area where gender equality is still very much needed.

Gender strategy

The Gender Equality Strategy is a comprehensive suite from WGEA that covers the ‘Gender Equality Diagnostic Tool’ and ‘Gender Equality Strategy Guide’.

Parental Leave

Traditionally, the idea that exists in our society is that women should go on leave when they give birth in our society. This popular maternal leave is now being challenged with a combined leave policy that works better.

Workplace flexibility

In recent times, organisations in Australia are starting to understand the importance of workplace flexibility as an enabler to gender equality.


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