Gender Strategy

The Gender Equality strategy suite

The Gender Equality Strategy is a comprehensive suite from WGEA that covers the ‘Gender Equality Diagnostic Tool’ and ‘Gender Equality Strategy Guide’.

The Gender Equality strategy guide provides you with all the resources and skills to achieve gender equality in your business. Whether you are just starting the change process or you want to continue the process in your organisation, this guide will show you how to get it done. Addressing gender equality in your workplace is not something that you just wake up and start. It requires a systematic and strategic approach, and it will take time to achieve the results that you want. The purpose of workplace gender equality is to achieve equal outcomes for both genders on a broad basis and not necessarily the same outcomes for everyone.

The change process

Achieving gender equality in your workplace requires change, and there are different tools and models that can be used to manage organisational change. The model or tool you choose to use is dependent on you, and this guide only reflects the change management principles that are already established. It provides a Framework that you can integrate into the change process that you’re using in your organisation.

The importance of gender equality strategy

A strategy serves as the foundation for any action plan that you may have to achieve your goals. It gives the blueprint needed for accountability, and you can outline the execution of tasks and create a suitable workflow. When there’s no strategy, it is difficult to achieve the change you want as it will be impossible to see how each activity and decision you make is contributing to the overall desired goals of the organisation. Having a gender equality strategy enables you to proceed from the ad hoc approach to gender equality and use one that will ensure that you use one with sufficient investment into tribes that support gender equality. It also makes it easier for everyone in your organisation to understand the commitment and enable everyone to work hand in hand to achieve your objectives.
Gender equality strategy will;
• Outline your organisation’s vision for gender equality
• Connects the vision to an organisational or business strategy
• Identify practical goals
• Include measurable objectives
• Promote inclusive and active leadership
• Be easy to communicate.
• Hold the organisation accountable to its gender equality vision.
• Adopt a governance process that is transparent
• Consider other inclusion elements, such as intersectionality and diversity.
• Integrate gender equality objectives with all the levels and functions of the organisation

Gender equality diagnostic tool

This tool will help you determine the gender equality status in your organisation and how you measure up. With it, you can identify the equality gaps currently existing in your organisation.

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