w21: The 21st Century Womeninleadership

Get Involved

Women in Leadership initiative is a non-profit platform focused on giving women access to the same opportunities that exist for men. The role of volunteers to the achievement of our goals cannot be overemphasised. We remain committed to providing volunteering opportunities for Australian. Our volunteers are considered to be our partners, and we believe that partnerships are essential to achieving our goal. We are passionate about seeing a real change in society. Getting involved in this will give you the chance to be part of the change you wish to see in society. The volunteering opportunities we have in place will give you the chance to develop any skill that you want and contribute immensely to our vision.

Our volunteers are not just working to achieve our goals, but they too will benefit in many ways. We accept volunteers from all over Australia regardless of gender, cultural or linguistic background. The diversity that exists among our volunteers gives you the chance to meet new people who come from different backgrounds but share the same goal. Each volunteer has experiences that are peculiar to them, and when joined with others in the group, ideas merge and experiences mix with one another. In this way, volunteers leave with a better understanding of the struggle for women’s rights and the strategic approaches that they can employ. While whatever they know already will be of immense importance during the volunteering program, what they learn during the program will serve them when they leave the programs and can serve as the foundation for their own initiatives as well.

Who can volunteer

Anyone can volunteer with us. We are not concerned with who you are except it is your passion for woman rights and your commitment to doing all you can to improve the quality of lives of women in our society.

Volunteers with us can come from all facets of life. They include professionals in different fields of study, academic researchers, students, and everybody else who is interested in gender equality and wants to do something about it. The skills and experience are not barriers because we consider volunteering as an opportunity to learn, as well. We ensure that everyone gets the role that suits the skills and experiences they have, which means you will be comfortable with your volunteering role.

How to volunteer

The volunteering process is quite straightforward as long as there are roles to fill. You just have to fill a form where you state your interest. You can add your experiences and qualifications to the form or decide to leave it out.